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Here are some examples of one liners written by Whoop Laugh! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for examples of longer routines, physical gags, and other work. Like one of these jokes? Take it. It’s free. Just make sure to recycle the toothpick.


  • My wife wanted to adopt so we got a highway.
  • People are always like, "Ewww, I could NEVER eat people" and I'm always like, "Come on, it's not called CAN'Tabalism!" ‪#‎ifDahmerTweeted
  • I want to start a band but I'm having a hard time finding three untalented friends...
  • Flan B! Its the morning-after-pie.
  • Hooters just turned 30 and they're updating the logo to have the "O"s hang a little lower than the rest of the letters.
  • Comediem - Tease the Day!
  • I thought up a new slogan for atheists: J.O.L.O
  • I think it's time someone said it: muffins are just breakfast cupcakes.
  • My paycheck came with a sprig of parsley. I guess they've decided to start garnishing my wages...
  • My friends baby was two weeks late. It said it tried to call but couldn’t get any cervix