In his role as head writer for our show Thomas took on three separate projects. Thomas was tasked with writing individual jokes for the show. Over the following months he wrote more jokes than we could fit in our one hour time slot. He was also tasked with writing full routines for the show. Two of them will make into this years show and I am very excited about both. As a bonus Thomas also delivered two scripts for funny videos we could use to promote our show online.

Even more useful than any of this was the work Thomas did on our social media outreach. Thomas created social media accounts for us on various media outlets like Twitter then scheduled two tweets a day for us to get our followers engaged. Not only were the tweets engaging but they were hilarious. "Musical chairs is like pre-school Darwinism" That's funny. In fact we mined our own twitter feed for quips and jokes which we used for writing press releases, in interviews, and even in the show.

Last year we were the number two rated show at the Edinburgh Festival, the biggest theater and art festival in the world. I attribute a lot of that success to the work done by Thomas Truman John.

Thomas is competent, engaged, inventive, punctual, and prolific. In the two years that Thomas has worked for us he has taken on a variety of challenges. In fact, the only tasked he has said no to was when I asked him to write this recommendation for him.


Paul Nathan
Creative Director
Unusual Productions