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If you think puns are lowest form of comedy or if you agree with Spike Lee ( he thinks brunch is a 1st world plague ) then this story isn't for you. It's full of brunch and puns. To prove my point: at brunch I had a wonderful dessert it was called Flan B, the morning after pie. If that didn't dissuade you: read on.

 My wife and I were eating brunch in Toronto, ON at this wonderful little place with a French name I can never pronounce. Let's call it "Le Brunch". It's an amazingly cool and charming place to eat. They have like three tables and awesome bacon. It's everything people hate about brunch: it's all local stuff made by a hipster chef with artisanal spoons and mason jar mugs. It's charming. They are cash only and they have a charming sign that says so. Underneath that sign is written: "Great jokes and mythical creatures also accepted".

A challenge! I checked my pockets, alas, I was fresh out of faeries. I knew I had the skin of a Silkie locked in the trunk of my car but it was worth way more than brunch. Plus, I'd be out a wife. Jokes it had to be. My wife and I had a quick conference over the right jokes to tell and we decided on my book puns.  Of all the jokes I've written, the book puns are my favorites. I strutted proudly to the counter and rattled off my three best book puns. They didn't win us a free bunch. We did however get free cookies. They were delicious normally but the knowledge that I had bartered puns for them made them extra sweet. I was disappointed that the puns didn't get us brunch.

But hey, if I had  successfully traded jokes for brunch on my first try I'd have nothing to work towards. Want to know what the book puns were? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your mailing address and we'll send you back a post card with one of the three books puns printed on it. It's old fashioned and fun. You know you want to do it and we promise to only use your address to send you funny postcards. Pinky swear.