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‘Cause that’s where the proof is



“Funny, clever, and creative.”
Piers Morgan, Piers Morgan Tonight


"Whoop Laugh was the best investment I've ever made in my show."
Michael Paul {


"Thomas has the ability to feel out what jokes might work for you as an individual, based on your unique character."
Greg Frisbee (Comedy Juggler)


“Thomas is the funniest guy I have ever seen. Period.”
Verne Lundquist, CBS Sportscaster


“Whoop Laugh is phenomenal at what they do.  The entire process is easy as hell, and the staff is dedicated to getting it right.”
Pete G. Magician (


“Thomas is a great comedy writer…a valuable asset to any variety performer.”
Dan Holzman (of the Rasypini Brothers)


“I am very pleased with the material Whoop Laugh created for my show. So are my audiences.”
Ryan Kane (comedy magician)


“I had him write lines for my show and they are fresh and new...he's one of a kind”
Davidia Coombes (Singer)


"Of all the comedy writers I've worked with Thomas is my favorite. His ideas are fresh and he's enthusiastic. Sure in ten years he'll be some worn out formula hack but for now he's brilliant. Hire him quickly while it's still worth it."
Bob (Thunder Buns) Mendelsohn


"The guys at Whoop Laugh are funny and that's no joke"
Alex Clark (youtube animator)


"The most consistent laughs in my show are always from the material Whoop Laugh has written for me"
Aji Slater (comedy magician/juggler)


“Brilliantly controls a dry British humor”
Loutkar (Europe’s longest running theater magazine)


“Thomas' writing took our show from good to great”
Paul Nathan (I Hate Children Children's Show)


“Thomas John is the real deal: A fearless and innovative performer and a writing partner who listens and creates unique comedy in his client's voice.”
Scott Meltzer (trade show juggler)


"[Whoop Laugh] has been very conscious of my style and the character I play onstage. These aren’t jokes from a joke book, they are jokes made to insert directly into the act I already have.
Brian Curry (Magician)