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No Fuss Viral Marketing.



Here it is, without all the flash, bragging, and cute icons: humor is an effective tool for online marketing.

There are two things that go viral: humor and sex. Unfortunately we can only legally charge you for one of those lets talk about getting serious about the business of comedy.

Twitter recommends sending out 4 tweets per day. In the super secret Twitter "Standards and Practices" they speak to the power of engaging your target community and they say 4 tweets per day does the trick. 4 tweets per day x 52 weeks is 1,456 tweets per year. That's a lot of Twitter copy to generate and Whoop Laugh can help you generate that content.

Social media is all about interacting with a community and humor can be used to interact with followers and fans in real time, to provide calls to action, and to provide an "active" voice for your viral marketing campaign. But, don't take my word for it. See what Twitter has to say about it:

The secret to a good tweet, Facebook post, or Vine video is brevity. Coincidently that is the same secret to a good joke. Whoop Laugh applies the same principles to joke writing as it does to social media outreach: they are fast, effective and highly interactive. Take advantage of our unique perspective and hire Whoop Laugh to help you create an effective and funny social media campaign that is rooted in the nuts and bolts science of real time ad data.

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