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The Pitcairn Islands are a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that form a British Overseas Territory. The four islands – Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno – are spread over several hundred miles of ocean. Only Pitcairn, the second largest and measuring about 3.6 kilometers (2.2 mi) from east to west, is inhabited.

Pitcairn Island

It’s the year 1790 and a British ship is sailing from the coast of Pitcairn Island. The ship’s name is the “Bounty”. It's still the year 1790 and a British ship is burning off the coast of Pitcairn Island. The ship’s name is the “Bounty”. Nine mutineers make their way to the shore along with seventeen native Polynesian men and women and one baby. They settle on the island paradise, exchanging toasts of a mutiny well done and a hearty “huzzah” to their new island lives. No more commanding officers, no more taxes, and as they would soon find out, no more meat, booze, or running water.

A few weeks ago I was performing and the crowd was responsive and enthusiastic. I decided to try a new joke where I attempt to juggle five balls using only my mind... obviously it doesn't work and I make a comment about how it's my dream and someday it will happen and when it does, it will be awesome! I get my laugh and there is a sweet silent second before a kid yells out: "Its never going to happen!" The kid has perfect timing.

If you think puns are lowest form of comedy or if you agree with Spike Lee ( he thinks brunch is a 1st world plague ) then this story isn't for you. It's full of brunch and puns. To prove my point: at brunch I had a wonderful dessert it was called Flan B, the morning after pie. If that didn't dissuade you: read on.

Many professions have something its professionals do to impress one another. This isn't true anywhere more than the variety arts. People who have mastered the art of the marionette make figures that can do a strip tease. Magicians perform the famed "Ambitious Card" routine. An particularly effective piece of magic where a signed card is placed in the middle of a deck of cards only to reappear on the top of the deck. Each magician has his own method of performing the trick. Comedians have something like this too. It's this one joke.